20 August 2012

Aww-mazing Day Spent with the Boys

Last June 30th (I know, its almost two months overdue), we brought the boys all the way to San Lorenzo Village in Makati City to have an aww-mazing day sponsored by Hill's Science Diet.

There were lots of activities that both pets and humans enjoyed like the free pet grooming, vet consultation, rabies vaccination, agility course, photo booth and of course fun games.

Aside from these activities, the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) gave talks on responsible parenthood, pet adoption and fostering. A representative from Hill's Science Diet also gave a talk on the importance of proper nutrition for different breeds or kinds of dogs.

After the talks came a demonstration from the Better Dog Canine Behavior Center. I was so amazed that they were able to train Border Collies, Jack Russells and even a Golden Retriever. I tell you, these dogs sure knows a lot of tricks.

Then came the most exciting part of the day, games and raffles. Everyone was  so eager to win especially when the prize involved includes doggie toys, gift certificates and of course, dog food. And I guess luck was on our side that day because the boys won 2 gift certificates for grooming and one major prize which contain 8 kilos of Hill's Science Diet dog food. Imagine bringing home a total of 13 kilos of dog food. It was more than a month's supply for the boys.

It was a tiring day. But it didn't matter because we know the boys had so much fun making new friends and just enjoying the day out.

Till our next doggie event! :-)

30 July 2012

The little boy is now two

To my little bratinello, NAVY BLUE,

Mommy, Mama and Hunter loves you so much.

18 July 2012

Someone just turned one today

To our sweetest baby bochok, HUNTER GREEN,

Hope you enjoy your party on Sunday. We love you!

- Mommy Shi, Mama Beij and Kuya Navy

18 June 2012

Doggie Event: Aww-mazing Day

As parents, we want our kids to develop their social skills by making friends and mingling with other kids. As much as possible, we try to take Navy and Hunter out too so they can mingle with other dogs. We also participate in different activities that our kids will enjoy. And we are privileged that we were invited to an upcoming event that our kids will surely enjoy.

Aww-mazing Day is a weekend event to be held on June 24 at the Tahanan Village Multi-Purpose Hall, Paranaque City and on June 30 at the San Lorenzo Village Clubhouse and Open Field, Makati City. It's an activity packed day for pets and their human. There are lots of fun activities that we will surely enjoy like pet grooming, vet consultation, rabies vaccination, informative talks, agility course, bone hunt, photo booth and fun games. You can also receive loot bags for your pets. And what is nice about this event is that it is for the benefit of PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society).

So if you and your fur babies are free on these dates, come on over and experience Aww-mazing Day that is full of fun and activities that both of you will definitely enjoy. Who knows? Our fur babies would be the best of friends.

We, together with our kids, Navy and Hunter will all see you there!

13 June 2012

Gone in a Minute

We are very careful in giving the boys food since Navy and Hunter have sensitive stomach. While I was browsing the internet, I saw an article showing human food that are good for dogs. After reading, I immediately called their vet and asked if I can give them those. And she said Yes!

The first food we tried giving them is yogurt. We gave them the unflavored one but they didn't like it. So as advised by the vet, we can give them flavored ones as long as its not berries or grapes. We searched the grocery rack and decided Mango it is.

The verdict? The title says it all. Gone in a minute.

03 April 2012

Whole Pet Kitchen: Pet Deli & Bark-ery

I was blog hopping and came across this website selling cakes and pastries for dogs. As a dog owner we are aware that some human foods like chocolate, grapes etc. are toxic for our furry babies. I was unsure and astonished if these products are safe. After browsing their website, I was convinced that their cookies, muffins and pupcakes were made of natural products and free from harmful ingredients suitable for canine consumption so we ended up buying some for Navy and Hunter.

They have a wide variety of products that would excite your furry pal's taste buds. We have tried Biscotti and Pupcakes for our little ones.

Beefy Biscotti @ Php 180.00
Beefy Biscotti: This is a crunchy treat that our canine friends would surely enjoy. This treat is made of 100% pure ground beef, Whole Rolled Oats, All Purpose Flour, Beef Stock, Whole Wheat Flour, Palm Oil, Baking Powder, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C!) and Virgin Coconut Oil from the finest coconut in the Philippines. We could hear the crunchy sound in every bite and we can feel that Navy and Hunter is having fun eating this delectable treat.

Php 188.00/dozen

Banana-Oats Pupcakes: These little pupcakes are made of All Purpose Flour, Bananas, Eggs, Water, Whole Rolled Oats, Virgin Coconut Oil (Organic), Palm Oil, Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Soy Lecithin, Cinnamon and Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)! Hunter and Navy have a funny way of nibbling this treat. Navy would eat the icing (which is made of Carob, an ultimate substitute for chocolate that is safe for dogs. It smells like chocolate too!) and the cheese on top of it. Once Navy is finished eating his part, he would give the pupcake to Hunter and finish it all. 

We ordered these online and picked up the treats at Cafe Ysabel in San Juan. We were surprised to receive a sample pack from Whole Pet Kitchen. This includes biscuits and muffin such as Turmeric and Honey Biscuit (yellow biscuit), Cheese and Chamomile Biscuit ( heart shape), Milk and Egg (bone shape) and Liver Muffin. Navy is a picky eater but he loves the Liver Muffin and Cheese and Chamomile Biscuit. No need to ask Hunter, he loves them all!

We would like to recommend Whole Pet Kitchen Cakes and Pastries to all dog owner who loves to spoil their furry babies. They will surely enjoy these delectable treats and they will absolutely return the favor with their sweet nose kisses and hugs!

Whole Pet Kitchen: Pet Deli & Bark-ery

01 April 2012

Navy's 2nd and Hunter's 1st Doggie Run

This is our 2nd year to join the Doggie Run sponsored by Pet Express. Last year, we only had Navy and luckily this year, Hunter is already part of our yearly 1.5K Doggie Fun Run. Just like our first, our furry babies had lots of fun and gained friends during the activity. While Shashi and Navy was looking forward to finishing the race immediately, Hunter and I were looking forward to those exciting freebies! 

We are so proud Navy and Hunter made it to the finish line! Navy and Shashi finished the race in 17 minutes while Hunter was advised by his vet to just walk or do slow pace running because he easily gets tired and maybe because of his bigger built. Hunter, Louie (Navy and Hunter's cousin), Don Don (my brother) and I finished the race in 20 minutes.

After the run, the boys took a rest and drank lots of water while Shashi and I rushed to the booths and line up for our loot bags and freebies. Unlike last year, Pet Express gave away Doggie Finisher Medal this year. 

We are thankful Pet Express is organizing this yearly event for dog lovers out there. This is such a great activity to spend time with our furry pals to bond and have fun. We are looking forward for next year's Doggie Run and more exciting freebies!

31 March 2012

Furry Little Heroes

It was around 9:00 in the morning. Since it was a weekday, no one was left at home except the boys and my brother who was sleeping soundly when the boys started barking loudly as if waking him up. Navy started pulling his comforter and Hunter kept on barking continuously. Since the boys wont stop barking, Don woke up to check what was going on and saw that the electricity outlet was already burnt. If not for the boys, our house might have been caught on fire.

You might be curious why we call our little heroes "furry", let us introduce our baby boys:

Navy Blue: Our eldest. He's 1 year and 7 months old. A cross breed of a Japanese Spitz and a Shih Tzu. A friend gave him to us when we were ready for a pet. Talk about "blessing" :) He is the most dominant and very protective of us. He is so attached to us that we need to bring him along whenever we go out of town or else he won't eat until we arrive. He acts like a human too. He sleeps on our bed, he cries when we leave him at home, he dances when he hears the song "Teach me how to Dougie" and gets scared when someone is shouting. Though we deny it, he may be our favorite. Maybe because he's the eldest and we got Hunter after a year of enjoying him.

Hunter Green: Our bunso. He's 8 months old and the biggest among the two. A cross breed of a Japanese Spitz and a Pomeranian. Hunter is supposed to be a birthday gift for my mom but we learned to love him even before my mom's birthday. In the end, we decided to just keep him. Hehe. He may be the biggest but he is the sweetest. He would transfer beside you in the wee hours of the night and would allow you to embrace him. Whenever we arrive from work, he would not stop wagging his tail until he gives us a kiss. And with those eyes, who wouldn't fall in love with him. :)